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Careful and complete care for your newborn right at home.

Your First Choice for Newborn Exam in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to Newborn Housecalls, M.D. in Los Angeles, CA. We offer newborn exams, bilirubin monitoring, newborn home phototherapy, neonatal CPR, and breastfeeding education, among other services. Trust Newborn Housecalls, M.D. to provide you with high-quality in-home newborn care. We are happy to offer the expertise of a board-certified Neonatologist who will treat your newborn in the comfort of your own home. We provide services to patients in Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, and Torrance locations. For more information, contact us today! 

Newborn Exam in Los Angeles, CA

What we offer

Newborn Exam
(<2 months of age)

Each visit will begin with a newborn exam which will also provide your infant’s weight and length measurements.

Bilirubin Monitoring

Jaundice is a common newborn concern. Don’t worry at home call us and we will check your newborns bilirubin level first obtain a bilirubin level using a monitor that just touches your infant’s skin.

Newborn Home Phototherapy

We provide home phototherapy for bilirubin levels that are deemed safe to do so with the Neonatologist’s approval.

Neonatal CPR

Learn the life-saving skill of neonatal CPR in the comfort of your own home. Our healthcare provider will come to your home and teach you one-on-one.

Breastfeeding Education

Breastfeeding is a journey. Let us help you through it. We will help guide new mothers and experienced mothers through the process of establishing breastfeeding.

We come in so you don’t have to bring baby out. Providing in-home newborn care led by a Board-Certified Neonatologist. All we do is babies!

We work with your Pediatrician by communicating the details of our visit at your home.

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