Concierge Newborn Care By The Baby Dr., Carol DeWalt.

In-person visits and telehealth support to provide your baby the best start in Life. 

Personalized Trusted Care

Board-certified Neonatologist, and mother of two, Dr. Carol knows first-hand the struggle new parents experience.

Working with your pediatrician, Dr. Carol offers high-quality, concierge newborn care services including exams, bilirubin monitoring, phototherapy, neonatal CPR, breastfeeding education, and more from the comfort of your own home.

Her warm bedside manner provides your family peace of mind to overcome obstacles, be excited about your new journey and know that you have the skills to provide your baby the best start in life.

Upcoming Events

Come Ask The Baby Doctor! 
Prenatal Education and Parent Support Group

Practical and Engaging Content:  Newborn Vaccines, strategies for breastfeeding success, how does insurance coverage work for the baby at delivery.


Food and Tea provided.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024  | 5 PM – 6 PM

Hosted at Chado Tea Room, Southbay

1302 El Prado Ave, Torrance CA 91501

Newborn Exam in Los Angeles, CA

Medical Services

Newborn Exam
(<2 months of age)

Each visit will begin with a newborn exam which will also provide your infant’s weight and length measurements.

Bilirubin Monitoring

Jaundice is a common newborn concern. Don’t worry at home call us and we will check your newborns bilirubin level first obtain a bilirubin level using a monitor that just touches your infant’s skin.

Newborn Home Phototherapy

We provide home phototherapy for bilirubin levels that are deemed safe to do so with the Neonatologist’s approval.

Neonatal CPR

Learn the life-saving skill of neonatal CPR in the comfort of your own home. Our healthcare provider will come to your home and teach you one-on-one.

Breastfeeding Education

Breastfeeding is a journey. Let us help you through it. We will help guide new mothers and experienced mothers through the process of establishing breastfeeding.

Teleheath Appointments

Video telehealth appointments for everyday questions, concerns and guidance.